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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

How to export videos in Open Shot Video Editor

To export the video, click on the round red button

Next, enter the file name and then select the folder where you want to export the video to

Next, select the mp4 (h.264) or mp4 (h.265) from the target drop-down

Next, select the video profile and quality according to your requirement

Next, select the video quality and then click on the Export Video button to render and export your video

How to add and remove marker in Open Shot Video Editor

Adding Markers

To add markers, place the play head to the location where you want to add the marker

Next click on the add marker icon to add a marker

Removing Markers

To remove the marker, first, select the marker

Next, right-click on it and then select the option remove marker

How to create and add title to video clip in Open Shot Video Editor

To create and add a title, go to Title and select the option Title

Next, select a template

Next, add all the details to your title and click on save

Next, go to the image tab and drag and drop the newly created title to your video