Friday, July 31, 2020

Free and Open Source PCB Design Software with 3D View for Windows, macOS, Linux- KiCAD

About KiCAD

    KiCAD is a cross-platform Free Open Source PCB design software that allows you to Create Schematic, PCB Layouts & also allows you to view the PCB layout in 3D models. You can download KiCAD by clicking here.

System Requirements
  • Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, openSUSE, Linux Mint, FlatPak, Gentoo, Sabyon, FreeBSD. (For more details on the versions please click here)
  • Processor: Intel 32 & 64 bit, PowerPC 32 & 64 bit, ARM 32 & 64 bit, MIPS 64bit
  • Graphics: Cards with OpenGL 2.1 or greater 
  • RAM: > 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: > 10 GB
  • Screen Resolution: > 1280*1024

    Schematic Editor: With the schematic editor, you can create any design possible with the built-in schematic symbol or you can create your own if it is not available in the built-in library.

    Bill of Materials: You can download the BOM using third party plugins
    PCB Layout Editor: You can easily create the PCB Layout from the schematic diagram which you have created using the schematic editor. KiCAD also supports up to 32 copper layers
    3D Viewer: helps you to view your design in 3D

    Export Support: KiCAD various export formats like Gerber, Postscript, SVG, DXF, HPGL, and PDF. You can also print in black & white or colors using the built-in print function.

  • There is no One-Click Auto Routing Function
  • There is no One-Click simulation like other premium software 
Conclusion: If you are a beginner then this is one of the best free open source software for you for creating schematics and professional-grade PCB layouts

    Website: Learn KiCAD

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to make analog adjustable timer using 555 IC

In this project, I will show you how to make an analog timer using 555 Timer IC.

If you prefer video mode or like to watch the working of the circuit please click here to watch it on YouTube.

Parts List
  • 1 * 555 Timer
  • 1 * 100uF/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 1 * 0.01uF Ceramic Capacitor
  • 1 * Push Button
  • 1 * 200, 330, 10K, 2.2M Ohm Resistors
  • 1 * Green and Red Led
  • 1 * Potentiometer

    For this project, the main components are 555 Timer. The 555 IC is a timer integrated circuit and can be operated in Astable or Monostable mode. For this project, I am using the monostable mode.

Circuit Diagram

How It Works?

    When you supply power to the circuit the timer starts running and the Green LED will be lit and once the timer runs down the Red Led will be lit.

The duration of the timer can be adjusted using the RV1 potentiometer.

The reset button is used to reset the timer after it has rundown down the time.

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How to make a 20 Watt Bridge Amplifier using TDA2005R

In this post, I will show you how to make a 20-watt bridge amplifier using TDA2005R

If you prefer video mode or like to watch the working of the circuit please click here to watch it on YouTube

Parts List
  • 1 * TDA2005R
  • 1 * 2.2uF/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 1 * 10uF/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 2 * 220uF/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 1 * 1000uF/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 4 * 0.1uF Ceramic Capacitor
  • 2 * 1 Ohm and 10 Ohm Resistor
  • 1 * 1K Ohm Resistor
  • 1 * 1.5K Ohm Resistor

    In this project, the main component is the TDA2005R which is a class B dual audio power amplifier in the Multiwatt11 package. TDA2005R can be configured for Bridge or Stereo applications.

TDA2005R can operate with a supply voltage ranging from 8 to 18 volts and has a closed-loop voltage gain of about 50dB.

For this project, I am using the Bridge configuration.

Note: When using a Multiwatt11 package always use a heat sink

Circuit Diagram

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