Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Converting an internal hard disk of a laptop or desktop into external hard disk

In this post, we will see how to convert an internal hard disk of a laptop or desktop 
into an external hard disk in a very easy way.


You can also watch the video for all the details on how to make to convert the 
internal hard disk into an external hard disk

Things & Components you need

  • SATA to USB Converter


First, remove the hard disk from the laptop or the desktop.

Now connect the hard disk to the SATA to USB converter casing. You can purchase 
the converter from the above-affiliated links.

Once the connection has been made, connect it to a PC. At first, the hard disk may 
not appear under your My Computer, this is because your hard disk has not been 
assigned any drive letter.

So to assign the Drive letter i am using Mini Tool Partition Wizard. You can download
this free software by Clicking Here. But before assigning the Drive Letter lets set
the file system or Partition ID to NTFS. To set the file system, select your hard disk
and then right-click, now from the pop up select Change Partition Type ID & select
the NTFS file system.

Now let's assign the drive letter by right-clicking on the hard disk & selecting the
option Change Letter & then selecting a Drive letter from the drop-down menu. 
once the letter is assigned click on apply to make the changes.

After you click apply if it asks to Format Disk, click on Format Disk. Note: if you
have any data in your hard drive make a copy before formatting the hard disk. 
You can use the same software to copy the data from your hard drive.

Once all the above steps have been completed, your hard disk will now appear 
under My Computer.

Before enclosing the hard drive, perform a small test by transferring a file to the 
hard disk.

Once everything is done cover the hard disk with the enclosure.

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