Thursday, January 23, 2020

How to make a custom mini RGB Strip

To make this custom RGB strip I am using 5mm LEDs & a small piece of perf


You can watch the video for the making & also for the testing of the mini
RGB Strip

Things & Components you need

  • A small piece of perf board about a length 15cm & width of 4cm
  • 3 * RED LEDs
  • 3 * Green LEDs
  • 3 * Blue LEDs
  • 3 * 220 Ohm resistor
  • 1 * 4 Pin Female Header
  • RGB Driver


First paint the non-copper coated side of the perf board with the black or chrome
spray paint

Now mount the LEDs in a way such that you get RGB & cross-check the LED's
individually with a battery. While mounting keep a distance of 2cm between each
LED's which is a standard measurement which you often see in commercially
available LED strips.

After mounting, connect the Anode(+ve) of all the LEDs together

Now connect the Cathode(-ve) of the same color together (For example: connect
the cathode of the RED LEDs together & do the same thing for Blue &
Green). After connecting do a cross-check to verify everything is working fine

Now connect a 270-ohm resistor to the cathode(-ve) of each color set &
insulate them
After insulating connect them to the strip & add some additional wire and
connect it to a 4 pin female header

Once everything is done connect them to the RGB Led Driver & enjoy your
own custom made RGB mini LED strip

Pin Diagram

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