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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Making a spike buster from scratch

Making a spike buster or extension cord from the scratch

In this post, I will show you how to make 5 Meter Spike Buster or an Extension cord 
which is capable of withstanding current up to 6A.


You can also watch the video for all the details on how to make this project

Things & Components you need

  • 3 * Switch Board Female Socket with 250v, 6A rating
  • 1 * 3 Pin Male Plug with 250v, 6A rating
  • 1 * Switch with 250v, 6A rating
  • 1 * Neon Indicator for AC
  • 2 * 5mtr 4mm wires


Take a plastic container & drill holes to accommodate switch, wall mount plug & neon
bulb. And then cover the holes with masking tape & paint it from the inside with your
desired color.

While the paint is drying let's assemble the wire & the 3 pin plug. To assemble
remove the cover of the 3 pin plug & connect the wire to pins. While connecting
make sure you connect the live wire to the pin which says L (which will be the right
pin when the back is faced towards you) & the neutral wire to the pin which says N.
In my case, I am using blue wire as live & black as neutral.

Now remove all the masking tape & mount the components like switch, socket & 
the neon bulb.

Now for the connection, connect all the neutral pins of the socket together & one 
of the leads of the neon bulb to the neutral pin.

Next, connect all the live pins of the socket together.

Next, connect the blue wire which is the live wire to one of the pins of the switch.
From the other pin of the switch connect the other lead of neon bulb & also 
connect a wire which has to be connected to the anyone of the live pins of the 

Now connect the neutral wire i.e black wire to one of the neutral pins of the socket.

Once everything is done do a connectivity test to ensure there is no short & all
the connections are correct. Once this done close the lid of the container & connect
it to the AC source to power multiple devices.

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