Friday, September 18, 2020

How to add custom domain name to a website in

How to add a custom domain name to a website in

  • To add a custom domain name go to settings which is on the left side of the blog page

  • Next, scroll down until you find Publishing
  • Next, click on Custom Domain and enter your third party domain name ( which you have already purchased from websites like Godaddy and then click Save.
  • After you click save you will receive an error asking to verify your domain authority by entering the two CNAMEs as shown in the below image
  • To verify the domain authority go to your domain provider website and locate your domain and click on DNS
  • Now in the DNS Management page click ADD to enter the first CNAME as shown in the image and click save

  • After you click save if you get an error like shown in the below image please click here to read on how to solve the issue
  • Once the issues are solved enter the two CNAMEs and save it. (the first CNAME provided will be common and the second one will be unique to your website)
  • After entering the CNAMEs in the domain provider website, now click save in the blog settings page (If you still get any error wait for an hour and repeat the first three steps)
  • If everything is correct you will see your custom domain name under the custom domain setting
  • Now to add additional security enable all the HTTPS setting as shown in the below image
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