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How to use Mp3tag | Beginners Guide 2021

About Mp3tag

Mp3tag is a tool to organize and edit metadata of Audio Files. Mp3tag also supports bulk tag editing of many audio formats like AAC, Mkv, MP4, WMA, WAV, and many other formats. To download Mp3tag, click here and then click on the download button, and then click the download link to download it.

After downloading, go to the downloads folder and double-click on the setup file to start the installation, and then open MP3tag.

How to change color mode in Mp3tag?

To change the color mode in Mp3tag, go-to tools. 

Next, click on Options

Next, select Appearance and then use the drop-down to select your preferred color mode and then click OK, and then click Yes to make the changes.

How to add and delete directories?

To add directories, go to file and then click on Add directories and then choose the main folder that contains your songs.

Make sure you check the subdirectories options so that all the songs inside the subfolders are also selected and then click on the Select Folder.

To delete a directory, select the directory which you want to delete and then press Shift-Delete.

How to customize input fields and song viewers section?

To customize the input fields, right-click near the top input field and select the options that you want to enable or disable.

To customize the Song viewer section, right-click on the header and select the options that you want to enable or disable.

How to play songs in Mp3tag?

To play a song, right-click on the song and click play or you can also double click on it.

How to add tags to an audio file?

To edit or to add a tag, select an audio file and enter all the details in the input section

Next, go to the File option and click Save Tag

How to add tags to multiple audio files at once in Mp3tag?

To edit or add tags in bulk, select all the audio files that you want to edit or add tags to and enter all the common details, and then go to File and click Save Tag.

How to rename filename?

To edit the file name, right-click on the song and then click on rename and enter the file name and then go to File and click Save Tag.

How to add cover art in Mp3tag

To add cover art, go to tools and then go to options and then click on directories and then select the folder that contains your cover art and then click on OK.

Next, select the songs and right-click on the cover art input field and click on Add cover and then select your image.

After adding the image, go to the File tab and click on save the tag.

How to add tags from an online source

To add tags from an online source, select the song and go to Tag Source and select Music Brainz 

Next, enter the song name or artist name and then click Next.

Now in the search window, select the correct song and click Next

Next, verify your selection and click OK

Next, go to the File tab and click on the Save tag

How to create a Playlist in Mp3tag?

To create a Playlist, select the songs and go to file, and click on Playlist selected and then enter the name and then click OK to save your playlist

How to remove the tag from an audio file?

To remove the tag, select the audio file and then go to File and click on Remove Tag and then click on Save Tag

How to export metadata of audio files?

To export the metadata, select the files and go to file and click on Export and then select the format you want and then click OK.

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