Saturday, November 27, 2021

How to create & post grid image for Instagram profile using GIMP Image Editor

To make an Instagram grid to display on your profile, the First thing you need is a square image. The reason for this is, the Instagram grid is square and if you choose any other image size, Instagram will auto adjust to fit the grid shape that is square and the final product won't look good. For this reason, I will be choosing 1080 by 1080 pixels as my single image size, and this size also happens to be one of the popular Instagram image sizes.

Next, we need to calculate what size should be our Instagram grid image. To do that, first, choose the grid look that you want. For this tutorial, I will be using a 2*3 grid.

Now to calculate the Grid Image size, we need to add each single image size. Since I have chosen my grid has 2*3 and my single image size has 1080*1080, my grid image height will be 1080 * 2, which is 2160 and my width will be 1080 * 3, which is 3240

After the calculation, open the GIMP image editor and click on File and then click on New 

Next, enter the image size. In my case Width will be 3240 and my height will be 2160

Next, click on the Advanced option and set the option 'Fill with' to Transparency and then click OK.

Next, go to Image, and then click on Guides and then select the option New Guide 

Next, set the direction as vertical and position value to 1080 and then click on OK

Now repeat the same process, but this time change the position value to 2160

Next, repeat the same process as earlier, but this time set the direction to horizontal and change the position value to 1080

After setting up the guides, drag and drop an image and adjust the position of your image as you want

Next, go to image, and click on 'Slice using Guides' which will create six different images with the size 1080 by 1080 pixels

Next, export the images in reverse order and name them starting from 1. To make it easy for you guys, I have numbered them, so just follow the order.

Next, transfer the images to your phone and upload the images one by one starting from 1.

    Note: Do not upload all the images at once. If you upload all the images at once it will create a multipost post and you won't get the grid look

Once you have uploaded all your images, your Instagram grid should look something like this.

Some other grid shape you can try

    3*3 Grid

Grid Shape
Grid Shape

Uploading Pattern

    3*2 Grid Shape

Grid Shape

Uploading Pattern

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