Friday, January 24, 2020

How to make an Electronic Dice

In this post, I have shown how to build an Electronic Dice. The electronic dice I
have shown is a double dice & it can also be used as single dice.


You can check the video for the construction


The electronic dice has two main components. The two main components are
CD4017 which is decade counter & 555 Timer.
Now coming to the working the 555 timer provides the necessary clock required by
the CD4017. The CD4017 once provided with the clock signal will start the counter.
The counter sequence generated by the CD4017 will be in order but the dice
requires random numbers so the following will be done
  • First, the count is limited to certain numbers. If you see the circuit diagram the Pin 1 (Q5) is given to the Pin 15 (Reset) which will reset the count to the starting point
  • Even after the first step, the counter will be in order, For randomizing the count we use resistors & transistors. This can be arranged in any order.

Features of the amplifier

  • Single or Dual Dice
  • Can operate with a wide range of voltage (5 to 12V)

Things & Components you need

  • 2 * IC 4017
  • 1 * IC 555
  • 1 * 1uF/25V
  • 14 * LEDs
  • 5 * 1K Ohm
  • 6 * 470 Ohm
  • 16 * 10K ohm
  • 2 * BC557
  • 6 * BC547

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The Gerber file shared was created using KiCad software which is one of the
recommended CAD software by the fabricator that I am using. The fabricator that
am using is you can check them by Clicking Here, they provide very
good quality PCB board for a very cheap price & they ship the products within 
two days. After you receive the board assemble the board as shown in the video.
Once the board is assembled connect all the connectors which are necessary like
DC Jacks, switch.
Once all the assembly is done, power the circuit & enjoy your board games
like Snake & Ladder or Ludo.

Circuit Diagram

This can be downloaded from the link given under download section along with the
Gerber & the drill file. Also, note there are two parts to the circuit diagram

The first part which is shown above can be used as a single dice without any

The above circuit diagram can be combined with the first circuit diagram to
achieve the dual dice.

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