Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to customize your website on website

How to customize your website

  • To customize your website on click on the theme icon which is on the left side of the blog page
  • Next, select the theme from the list and click apply to make the changes

  • Now to customize the applied theme click on Customize which will open the customization page

  • In the customization page first, select the background to change the background image and the main theme color (for some themes you may not have the option to change). After making the changes click on Save to make the changes
  • Next click on Layout to set your blog body & footer layout and then click on Save to make the changes (do this step before making any changes to the width)

  • Next click on Adjust Widths to adjust the blog size and right sidebar size
  • Next click on Advanced to customize your blogs individual elements like font, font type, color, font color, headings, and many other elements. I recommend doing this customization after you write your first post or a sample example posts so that you can see how your post looks like and you can do the customization accordingly.
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